Scottish Media Contacts

A quick guide to alternative Scottish media.

The National Newspaper

The National is a Scottish daily newspaper owned by Newsquest. It began publication on 24 November 2014, and was the first daily newspaper in Scotland to support Scottish independence.

News, Politics, Sport all from a Scottish point of view.

Boy is actually stretching credulity to the absolute limit, I am a pensioner, a Glasgow man that now spends most of my time in sunny Catalonia.

I made the decision to temporarily leave my beloved Scotland till it regains its senses and embraces the inevitable.

That inevitable I refer to is of course Self Determination.

I am a father, a grandfather, a brother, an uncle, a cousin, a patriotic Scot, a republican and a socialist.

Yours For Scotland

To my long awaited blog page. Friends have been urging me to do this for years but the technology frightened me. Now thanks to Dave Beveridge and my oldest daughter Laura I am finally in business.

This blog will be totally pro-Independence for Scotland and I hope to comment on all the topical issues of the day using a bit of humour and controversy wherever I can.

I hope you find it a entertaining and informative read and will recommend it to your friends.

Online Radio Station

IndyLive Radio is a Community of Non Profit Citizen Volunteer Livestreamers and Broadcasters.

In the run up to the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014 we learned how crucial it is to have independent Scottish media to counteract the partisan unionist perspective of the London based media including the state broadcasters. Using the slogan “don’t hate the media, become the media” Independence Live was set up using citizen livestreamers to bring the Scottish news and events to the grassroots independence supporters and ordinary Scots. Indylive radio was set up to broaden our reach and to entertain, as well as inform. This Youtube channel is an extension of Indylive radio containing politics, chat, history, poetry and podcasts on demand. IndyLive Radio is a new indy platform since 2019. Politics, news, chat & music. 

Views expressed on our broadcasts do not necessarily reflect the views of the IndyLive collective nor should our coverage of any event, individual or organisation be taken as an endorsement.

iScot Monthly Magazine

iScot Magazine brings together a team of dedicated content producers with all the support needed to create a sustainable and credible alternative source of news and information.

Our aim is to provide a new multi-media platform which includes a digital magazine to report on the stories and angles often missed by mainstream media.

Created by a team of professional journalists and designers the publication plans to cover more than just current affairs. Everything from business stories to lifestyle features that reflect what’s really happening in Scotland today will have a place among its pages.

Wee Ginger Dug

The May 2021 elections are the most important in the UK’s recent history and will decide if Scotland becomes independent or not. It is vital that we return a pro-independence majority to the next Scottish Parliament elected on a clear mandate for another referendum. To those that say the SNP has already had such a mandate but hasn’t used it – So what?

Holyrood Magazine

Holyrood​ is Scotland’s fortnightly political and current affairs magazine that keeps people informed with its award-winning and thought-provoking editorial.

The award winning magazine of the year is read by the country’s key legislators, Scottish parliamentarians, civil servants, Scottish Government agencies, political parties, 32 local authority chief executives, as well as individual departments within councils, trade unions, health boards, educational organisations, voluntary organisations and non-governmental bodies.

Holyrood is frequently quoted within the Scottish Parliament as a source of reliable information and political debate and according to Ipsos MORI is the most widely read publication amongst MSPs, with the magazine cited as being influential in their decision-making.

Wings Over Scotland

Wings Over Scotland is a Scottish political website, which focuses particularly on the media – whether mainstream print and broadcast organisations or the online and social-network community – as well as offering its own commentary and analysis.

Lesley Riddoch (Podcast)

Lesley Riddoch is one of Scotland’s best-known commentators and broadcasters. Lesley was born in Wolverhampton to a mother from Wick and a dad from Banffshire, grew up in Belfast, moved to Glasgow at the age of 13, went to Oxford University (where she was the first non-Tory President of the Student's Union) and did a post-graduate course at Cardiff University. She still gets around a lot. She is best known for broadcasting with programmes on BBC2, Channel 4, Radio 4 and BBC Radio Scotland, for which she won two Sony speech broadcaster awards.

Random Public Journal

Jason Michael McCann  a Scottish journalist and blogger based in Dublin. Writing on politics and society. Columnist for iScot Magazine and author of the Random Public Journal.

Grouse Beater

The opinion, observations, polemic, satire, and topics chosen are those of a secular humanist, and something of an anarchist. Essays are not always hard politics, they cover film reviews and the car industry, car companies one of the biggest lobbyists of government in the world, subjects chosen because they relate to Scotland in some way.

Peter A Bell

Thinker, Listener, Talker, Reader, Writer.